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Within the 1960s the Xerox company released a piece of equipment that made copies of documents in some recoverable format. The task was extremely quick and low-cost, also it started a boom as it was a simple way to create an immediate record of any document for your purpose of storing as files and as evidence documentation.

Over time, photo copying has become big business, weight loss companies brought out their versions of copiers for your marketplace. There's been some talk recently that with the advent of the digital age, that copying documents physically written would become obsolete, as saving documents within a digital file will be more appropriate and would use up less space compared to the filing of physical paper files.

However, copying documents physically remains far easier most often, than having to go over the digital process, as often it requires the scanning of an physical document anyway to transfer it into a digital file.
Austin copier sales
So the situation is still one among a dual technique of utilizing each method of storing data. In the physical aspect it works provided that the files tend not to become to varied, as then the digital concept can have a very high advantage.

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